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Interested in Research

by Dr Priyanka Naidu

BPysch (Hons), PhD 

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Interested in Research is an educational platform that aims to make research in psychology more accessible. Greater knowledge about our wellbeing and psychology can empower us and give us the tools to take effective action when it comes to our mental health, including the awareness of when to seek help. We provide workshops and resources to support wellbeing and performance. We also share information about science and research literacy.

Wellbeing resources
Journals and activity cards

Presentations and Workshops

Resource development


Dr Priyanka has a background in research, and teaching in psychology, and wellbeing resource development. Through her work she aims to raise awareness on strategies that can improve mental health and wellbeing. You can sign up for group Confidence and Resilience Building (CARB) Classes here. CARB is a 9-week program designed to support building confidence and mental resilience. Classes are designed to be a fun and engaging way to support social and emotional skill development. Her offerings also include workshops for stress management and behaviour change.

Priyanka has a background in tutoring and lecturing in various undergraduate courses within psychology, including social and cognitive psychology, sports psychology, and research methods and statistics. Her research projects have spanned several domains including social, cognitive, and environmental psychology.


All journals include evidence-based strategies and insights from psychology

Wellbeing and performance resources

Resource development


Creating resources for clients in clinical practice, and for students and organisations to improve wellbeing, mental health and performance.

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The newsletter will share information about evidence-based practices that improve wellbeing and goal-setting, as well as monthly journal prompts.
It will also include product release dates, upcoming workshops and events, and exclusive offers.


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